Kids with Chronic Illness – Making a Pearl from the Grit of LifeI have always been very concerned about children with chronic illness and depression. Who is watching over them and caring for their emotional health? Even the most emotionally intelligent parents can’t change the way kids are treated by their peers, teachers, friends, family and neighbors. In this episode I tell you all about the my […] —Read More
  • Berries and Cream Quinoa PorridgeThis was not an easy recipe to create. I wanted a really tasty breakfast that kids and adults would get into and one that didn’t take a lot of time to prepare. It took a lot of experimenting, and what I ended up with was a very delicious breakfast that can be made on the […] —Read More
  • Butternut Squash with Sage Soup (GF, DF, Grain-Free, Paleo)Soup presents an interesting dilemma. Most soup requires a flavorful broth or stock base. These broths take so much time to prepare that they have become a convenience item – sold in boxes and cans at every grocery store. The dilemma is that soups are very healthful foods, but the broth has become somewhat of […] —Read More
  • 3 Tweaks For Better SleepI am so concerned over how much stress and stimulation we allow ourselves to experience on a daily basis and I believe this stress and stimulation can wreck havoc on our sleep cycles. Getting good sleep is one of the most important ways to improve your health. If you aren’t sleeping well, we need to […] —Read More
  • Chocolate Mousse (DF, GF, Grain-Free, Paleo)Yep, this mousse is heavenly, as stated by a recent cooking class attendee. You’re going to be licking the spatula… I did! And the main ingredient is avocados! Then coconut milk – cocoa powder and honey – All of the ingredients are dense with nutrients like magnesium, calcium, various antioxidants and essential fatty acids. This […] —Read More
  • Everything Is Going To Be Okay: Stress Relief Through Imagination and FaithChronic health challenges can put your mind into a deep, dark place where there is not much hope. It’s easy to get stuck there. And however real it may feel, it doesn’t have to be your daily reality. Things are always better than they seem and they can always become better than they are, more […] —Read More
  • Cashew Maple Fudge (DF, GF, Paleo)Fudge! I loved fudge. I still do. This recipe is just like the real thing, but much easier to make and much more full of nutrients! I just taught this recipe at the recent Take Back Your HealthTM Nourishing Desserts cooking class. Everyone was amazed by how easy and quickly this fudge came together – […] —Read More
  • Getting UnstuckNothing is more frustrating than feeling stuck – stuck in an emotional funk – stuck in a bad relationship – stuck in a health crisis – stuck in a draining career – and on and on. Nothing is going to get you out of that funk but change. Change in the way we look at […] —Read More
  • Cream of Buckwheat with Maple Syrup (GF, DF)When I was in middle school and my brother and sister were in high school, my dad would wake up with us every morning and make an amazing breakfast. Sometimes we would just have cereal, but often he would make pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, and our favorite: Cream of Wheat with maple syrup and Lender’s Bagels, […] —Read More
  • How to Choose the Right DoctorAfter my episode on How to Manage Your Health Care, I got the request to do an episode on how to choose the right doctor for yourself and your family. For people who are chronically ill and who have to go to see their doctors on a regular basis, it’s important to have a good […] —Read More